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UK GDP by Income

For Tim Worstall and Richard Murphy, who discuss the breakdown of GDP by income, here are the figures, current as of the 2011 Q4 Economic Accounts.

First, for the breakdown of GDP by category of income, we have ONS data going all the way back to 1955:

UK GDP by category of income

UK GDP by category of income

The relevant series used here are CGBZ, DTWM, CGBX, CMVL and YBHA.   I think Tim is correct to note the (slight) rise in other income (which includes income from self-employment, so-called “mixed income”) and VAT are the significant secular trend.

For the split of “compensation of employees” between employers’ National Insurance contributions and wages, we only have data from 1987:

Wage Share of GDP

Wage Share of UK GDP

The relevant series are RPCG, RPCH and again YBHA for nominal GDP.

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    Thanks! I’ve amended the post.

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